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**Burlington Skyway reroute information**

Do you travel to Camp using the Burlington Bay Skwyay?  If so, and you’ve seen the news, you’ve probably noticed that at least for this coming weekend, it’s not going to be an option for you.  Here is the route that we, as long time Niagara Region inhabitants, recommend to avoid using the Burlington Skyway.

We have a feeling that many people will be using Hwy. 20, as well as the Red Hill Parkway and the LINC to get around the Skyway.  If you don’t want to get stuck in that traffic, try this.  Directions are given from Wellandport.

Here’s a map, along with a few recommendations.

We recommend leaving early to avoid most of the Holiday Weekend congestion.  If you do this, please know that check out time for those leaving Family Camp Week 1 is 11 am so your campsites and accommodations won’t be ready until at least then.  You’re welcome to come and park your vehicle on your camp site or in the parking lot and use the water front (no lifeguards, and no equipment taken out — beach use only) after 11:30 am.  Boats are not to be brought to Camp to be docked until after 2 pm.  You will not be able to enter cabins and rooms prior to 2 pm check in, but feel free to use the beach and the grounds.

If you haven’t signed up for meals and arrive early, there are options in Magnetawan as well as in Burk’s Falls and Huntsville/Parry Sound.  Please let us know how we can help you and we’ll direct you to somewhere tasty.  You could always plan to leave early and spend some time exploring the downtown of Huntsville or Parry Sound before arriving at Camp as well.


If the 403 is looking crazy busy, I wouldn’t get on it at all.

We’re pretty sure that especially with Long Weekend traffic, the 403 is still going to be very backed up.  I personally (Laura) would recommend not getting on the 403, but:

Here’s a map for that ^^ option

If the 407 isn’t an option you want, you could turn Right on Guelph Line right before the 407, and merge onto the 403 E beyond the mess. Here’s the map
OR you could continue on Hwy 6 N to the 401 and merge onto the 401 E and avoid the 403 altogether.  Here’s the map



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